Turkish Academic Careers(TAC) Survey


In 2007, Hande Inanc (Phd, Oxford) and I, designed and collected the first micro-data about the career and marriage histories, family background of academics in Turkish research institutes and universities. The data contain 334 variables describing 4500 PhD holders from all academic ranks. These variables cover the academics’ educational, professional, marital and socioeconomic backgrounds, the facilities provided by the institutions in which they work, the distribution of household tasks, decision-making on domestic matters, attitudes toward work, academia, and the Turkish academic system in particular. This dataset is also linked to university-level data from 1983 to 2007 that provides information about the faculty and staff at each academic rank by department or field, which are used to compute weights to ensure representativeness of the sample. In this page you can find documentation (e.g. codebook and the methodology, list of variables) and findings of this study..

(Prepared by Hande Inanc)
Codebook and methodology (.pdf)
List of Variables (.pdf)