Current Research

(*) Indicates authors contributed equally and are listed alphabetically. Drafts available.

  • Alison Dunatchik and Berkay Özcan “Reducing Mommy Penalties with Daddy Quotas” – Revised & Resubmitted
  • Alice Goisis, Berkay Özcan and Philippe Van Kerm* “Do Children Carry the Weight of Divorce?” – Revise & Resubmit
  • Signe Hald Andersen and Berkay Özcan* “The Effect of Unemployment on Fertility” – Revise & Resubmit
  • Francesco Billari, Berkay Özcan and Concetta Rondinelli* “Self-Employment, Entrepreneurship and Fertility”
  • Berkay Özcan and Serden Özcan “Self-Employment of Immigrants: Understanding the Country of Origin Effects”.
  • Maria Alejandra Osorio, Douglas McKee and Berkay ÖzcanFemale Entrepreneurship and Family Structure in Mexico
  • Berkay Özcan and Tim F. Liao. “Family form as Cultural Assimilation: Variations in Extended Households by Ethnicity and Immigration Generational Status”.