I am lucky to be involved with a group of interesting and passionate Ph.D. students. Below is a list of their names (current and graduated).  Please, check out their pages to learn about their exciting projects. Future applicants to our PhD programme, please, check their websites to learn about the sort of things that I am interested in supervising. 

Current Ph.D. Students

Elena Mariani (Co-Supervised with Stephen Jenkins) (2013- 2017)

Thesis title:  “The Relationship between Family Context and Job Satisfaction”

External examiners: Prof. Andrew Clarke, Prof. John Ermisch

Current job: Senior Statistician at Pearson.


Wilson Guzman (Co-Supervised with Stephen Jenkins) (2014-2019)

Thesis title: “Social Policies in Ecuador: The Effects of Minimum Wages and Conditional Cash Transfers”

External examiners: Climent Quintana Domeque, Joana Naritomi

Current job: Lecturer Universidad de Las Americas (Ecuador)

Examiner [External or Internal] OF the Dissertations
  • Javiera Paz Reyes Brito, Ph.D. in Sociology, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile (2018).  Title: “The second half of the gender revolution: The case of Chilean couples and international comparisons”
  • Filippo Temporin, Ph.D. in Demography/ Population Studies, LSE (2019) Title: “What matters most for new-borns survival? Patterns of socioeconomic determinants of neonatal and post-neonatal mortality in Bolivia”